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Workshop ‘The road towards a marine spatial plan’
18 février 2011, Gent, Belgique


Session 1: The role of seascape and landscape within MSP

  • Landscape and Seascape Character Assessment in Dorset – LDA Design, Ian Houlston pdf
  • Socio-landscape study into the perception of far-shore wind farms in the Belgian part of the North Sea – Grontmij, An Vanhulle pdf
Session 2: Stakeholders in MSP

  • Stakeholder participation in Dorset – DCF, Ken Buchan pdf
  • The changing seabed in Knokke-Heist: involving stakeholders through in-depth survey and socio-economic impact assessment – Coordination Centre on ICZM, Sofie Vanhooren pdf
Session 3: Sectoral knowledge and background information

  • Information in support of MSP: sectoral topic papers, seabed and sensitivity maps, offshore renewable report – DCF, Ness Smith pdf
  • MSP in Belgium, Analyze of the current situation based on UNESCO’s 10 steps – Coordination Centre on ICZM, Hannelore Maelfait pdf
Workshop Trade-offs in Marine Planning

  • Introduction by An Vanhulle, spatial planner pdf
  • Report of the Workshop