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Coastal Forum

Dorset Coast Forum

The Dorset Coast Forum (DCF) has been at the forefront of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) since 1995. With over 170 member organisations, its objective is primarily to encourage co-operation and dialogue between all the different interests and users of the coast.

As part of this remit, DCF encourages the gathering and dissemination of knowledge between members, and carries out original research to supplement this knowledge. DCF also reviews existing coastal policies, working towards the production of integrated policies specific to the Dorset coast.

Achievements over the last thirteen years include:

  • Development and implementation of the Dorset Coast Strategy (1999) currently under review
  • Being the source and catalyst of the idea to propose the Jurassic Coast as a World Heritage Site and instrumental in the development of the successful bid to UNESCO
  • Delivery of the only DEFRA Rural Pathfinder project for the Coast – ‘Tackling Coastal Challenges
  • Being active members of the South West EU Maritime policy Green paper response task & finish group
  • Completion of English Heritage’s 1st Stage Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment of coastal archaeology
  • Continued pressure on the EU and Central Government supporting the fishing industry in retaining the 6 – 12 mile derogation which prevents open access to UK fishing waters for all EU member states
  • Promotion of local seafood through a Dorset Seafood Cookbook and coordinating Dorset Fish Festivals
  • The establishment of eight Bathing Only zones along the Dorset Coast
  • Successful international, national and local conferences, workshops and coastal surgeries
  • Input into, and development of educational programmes

Future work will of course include completion of the three-year C-SCOPE Project, which will leave a coastal and marine legacy for Dorset following the 2012 Olympics, as well as addressing climate change issues including sea level rise and coastal erosion, and delivering increased and improved educational opportunities in marine and coastal issues with all age groups.

Belgian Coastal Forum

For Belgium a yearly “Coastal Forum” event will be organised within C-SCOPE, at which a review of important issues on the coast during the past year will be presented and where open debate is stimulated. The first Coastal Forum was organised on 19th March 2009 in Bredene, Belgium.

The next succesfull editions took place on March 11th 2010 in Nieuwpoort, on March 2nd 2011 in Blankenberge (Belgium) and on February 29th 2012 in Knokke-Heist (Belgium).

During this Coastal Forum 2010, the yearly report “The Coast 2009” was presented. A report with the major news items of that year, illustrated with lots of photos.