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Marine management plan:
Developing a framework for integrating terrestrial and marine planning

Whilst spatial planning on land has been used as a tool for several decades, it is a relatively new concept in the marine environment, with few concrete examples at present. Principles of Marine Spatial Planning are set out in the “Roadmap for Maritime Spatial Planning: Achieving common principles in the EU” and the C-SCOPE project will be a good test-case for these principles.

Fundamental to the success of ICZM is a seamless approach to planning, which links the terrestrial and marine environments. C-SCOPE aims to provide practical case studies of how this can be achieved, to the benefit of local economies and the environment. It will do so using a ‘bottom-up’ approach supported by cost-effective partnership working.

Through case studies involving both field mapping and new technologies, planning frameworks will be illustrated at regional, sub-regional and local scales. These will assist a wide range of users in achieving the cross-cutting principle of sustainable development as well as improving the relationship between coastal protected landscapes and their marine counterparts.

Outcome of the C-SCOPE project

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