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Marine Spatial Planning

Belgian Marine Management Area

  • Inventory ‘Maritime Spatial Planning in Belgium – Analysis of the period 2000-2011.
    In Europe but also in individual member countries MSP was set high on the agenda. In recent years there have already been new developments in Belgium in spatial planning at sea and at the coast. During the period 2000-2010, different processes developed parallel or consecutive on marine spatial planning (sea and coast). This inventory gives a state of affairs on spatial planning in the Belgian part of the North Sea, on policy as well as on project level.
    The inventory has been structured in analogy with the UNESCO Guide on marine Spatial Planning. Each of the 10 steps illustrate a different phase and different elements of the marine management process.
  • Position paper ‘The North Sea in Belgium – High time to live up to the opportunities
    An ad-hoc workgroup of independent experts and scientists has outlined a position paper on MSP in Belgium illustrating why an integrated approach of MSP is important and what steps can be a start to reach this.

Study case Heist

  • Framework study (only available in Dutch)
    The Bay of Heist is a unique but very complex area with many users. It is a rich area as well for the coastal economy (port and tourism), the coastal ecology and for the inhabitants of Zeebrugge and Knokke-Heist. This framework study provides a description of the area including the juridical status, current use, sectors and parties involved, a SWOT analysis, a description of the developments of the sandbank and prognoses and a view on the future of the area by the different users.
  • Socio-economic study of Heist (only available in Dutch)
    To have a more in-depth socio-economical analysis of the Heist area an extra socio-economic study was executed with an analyses of the recreational uses of the beach, questionnaires with the beach users and local merchants… This study will support the framework study to create a long term vision for Heist.
  • Long term vision Heist (is being developed)
  • Leaflet sandbank Heist (only available in Dutch)