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Conference on socio-economic aspects of coastal and marine planning
19 November 2010, Poole, UK


Session 1: DCF Update and local news

  • DCF Update, Bridget Betts, DCF
  • D-SCOPE Update, Ness Smith, DCF and Kathy Belpaeme, Belgian Coordination Centre on ICZM pdf
  • Jurassic Coast Pathfinder, Rupert Lloyd, DCF
  • Wreck to Reef, Neville Copperthwaite, Wreck to Reef
  • Logistics of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Events, Gary Fooks, Team Dorset

Session 2: The role of socio-economics in marine planning

  • Socio-economics and marine planning; an overview – Dr Stephen Hull, ABPmer
  • Value of marine industries in Dorset, Anne Gray, Dorset County Council
  • A Netherlands approach to socio-economics and marine planning – Michael De Bruijn, Rijkswaterstaat
  • Socio-economic impact assessment of the changing sea bed in Knokke-Heist, Sofie Vanhooren, Belgian Coordination Centre on ICZM pdf
  • Ecosystem goods and services from European protected habitats and species, Steve Fletcher, Bournemouth University pdf
  • Socio-economics within the MMO marine planning framework, Jesse Honey, Marine Management Organisation pdf

Workshop Trade-offs in Marine Planning

  • Introduction by Mike Garrity, Dorset County Council pdf