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Interreg IV 2 seas programme

The 2 Seas cross-border programme combines old and new partners within an extended geographical area across a maritime border. Although some of the partners share numerous years of experience of cross-border cooperation, this programme is totally new in terms of scale and geographical area.

The 2 Seas Cooperation Programme encompasses a new area of cross-border cooperation located at the crossroads of the Channel and the North Sea and involves the coastal regions of 4 Member States: France (Nord-Pas de Calais), England, Flanders and the Netherlands.

More info can be found on the 2 seas website.

The C-SCOPE project was submitted in the first call of the 2 seas programme in July 2008, and approved by the Steering Committee on 27th November 2008.

Click here to view the C-SCOPE project application (PDF, 400 KB) >