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Improved co-ordination, planning and management of the coast are central to C-SCOPE.

Due to population density and the wealth of resources, coastal zones are under continuous and increasing pressure; many activities such as fishing, dredging, shipping, tourism and marine energy are competing within this vital space.

C-SCOPE will create a ‘seamless coastal and marine planning framework’ to suit the demands of professional and non-professional users, following a ‘bottom-up’ approach. The results will allow a more holistic approach to planning, reducing development conflicts and impacts between coast and sea at a local level.

The project is concentrating on three main elements:

  1. Developing a Coastal and Marine Spatial Plan, providing a framework for integrating terrestrial and marine planning, the output being:
  2. Developing tools for achieving sustainable coastal economies and environments, the outputs being:
  3. Achieving commitment to ICZM through stakeholder engagement the outputs being:

Reports will include:

  • Report on integrated marine/land planning in West-Flanders and Dorset.
  • Coastal planning and management non-technical guide.
  • Report detailing the best methodology for effective Stakeholder Engagement.