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Project management

The Project Management Committee (PMC) will guarantee the successful management of the partnership and implementation of the project. The Project Management Committee meet on a 6-monthly basis and is chaired by the lead partner.

PMC meetings:

PMC members:

  • Coordination Centre on ICZM: Kathy Belpaeme (Project Manager, chair of the PMC), Sofie Vanhooren (project coordinator), Valérie Vanhecke (project assistant). .
  • Province of West-Flanders: Sophie Devlieghere (financial manager)
  • Dorset County Council: Ken Buchan (Project Manager)
  • Dorset Coast Forum: Ness Smith (C-SCOPE Project Officer), Bridget Betts (DCF Coordinator)
  • Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ): Jan Mees and An-Katrien Lescrauwaet

The Joint Technical Secretariat of the 2 Seas programme is invited to participate in the PMC.

Role and tasks of the PMC:

  • Critically assess and agree project work programme and trans-national aspects
  • Have overall financial and management responsibility for the project
  • Ensure project goals are met on time and on budget
  • Oversee progress of project in terms of deliverables to funders
  • Oversee the management of the project team
  • Ensure that the C-SCOPE Project is well coordinated and communicated nationally, regionally and locally
  • Evaluate progress and outcomes

Project Groups

Steering Groups will guide the Project Managers , who will oversee the whole project, and also the ‘Task and Finish’ Groups who will guide the work of the partners and ensure an active involvement of coastal and maritime stakeholders. More information on their work can be found below

DCF Steering Group

Marine Spatial Planning Group

Coastal Explorer Planning Group

Coastal Explorer Interactive Group

Communication Group