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Seminarie rond Maritieme Ruimtelijke planning
19-20 Oktober 2009, Dorset, Engeland


Day 1, session 1: Marine Spatial Planning current status and visions for the future

  • Hance Smith - Making the case for Marine Spatial Planning: a new era begins pdf
  • Hermien Busschbach - Pulling it all together: conclusions of EU MSP workshops pdf
  • Sara Catahan - Defra's current thinking on Marine Spatial Planning pdf
  • Jim Claydon - The land sea interface: linking marine and terrestrial planning pdf
  • Yves Henocque - From the land to the sea pdf
  • Louisa Knights - Implications of SACs for Marine Spatial Planning pdf
  • Ness Smith & Kathy Belpaeme - C-SCOPE Delivering Marine Spacial Planning in Dorset and Belgium pdf

Day 1, session 2: Putting Marine Spatial Planning into practice ‚Äď lessons learned so far

  • Kate Thomson - The Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Plan pdf
  • Jochen Lamp - A Marine Plan of the Baltic pdf
  • Geert Raeymaekers - Marine Spatial Planning in Belgium pdf
  • Lorraine Gray - A Marine Spatial Plan for the Shetland Islands pdf
  • Mick Bishop - Great Barrier Reef Marine Park pdf

Day 2: Workshop Indicators for Marine Management Plans

  • David Payne - Indicators: What you measure matters pdf
  • Hannelore Maelfait - The Belgian approach to use of indicators within ICZM pdf
  • Jamie Moore - The role of indicators for the Crown Estate pdf